Tom and the team
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The Core Team

Owner and manager Tom Eveling is really using this venture as another reason to explore his love of wine, coffee and pizza! Anything else he tells you is probably just bunk! He helped run Michelin Starred Kinloch Lodge Hotel for 11 years.

Master Roaster/Barista and manager Craig Steele really deserves an entire website to himself and in fact he does if you check out Where to begin? He is a trained opera singer and should truly be known as the ONE AND ONLY singing barista! There are some pretenders out there but Craig can actually do both to an extremely high standard.

Chef Karen Korked won't compromise on quality and in fact has been known to leave previous jobs because their food ethos wasn't up to scratch! She loves fresh local seasonal food and has a massive issue with anything frozen.

Assistant Chef Niamh Siddons epitomises our hard working customer led Ethos with a passion for good fresh food.

Chef Mark Gordon is a west coaster from Oban from where he went on to study professional cooking at Argyll College. He says he works best with other passionate chefs around him to bounce ideas off and is possibly his own worst critic, so having someone around to tell him when to stop is always a good thing!

Assistant Manager/Barista Kathleen Robertson is a local lass who knows just about everybody and everything there is to know about Skye! She's great with coffee and people and if you need the word on the street or just something to eat or drink, don't hesitate to ask.