A delicious blend of the exotic and the local makes the best cocktail on the island.

Sia's Espresso Martini
The perfect party pep up! Shaken over ice, mixing Barista Craig Steele’s coffee blend of the month, Arbikie Highland Vodka and Pedro Ximenez. £8.95
Pornstar Martini
Be seduced with a wickedly lewd mix of Stolichnaya Vanilla Vodka, Passion Fruit and a shot of our organic Prosecco on the side! £8.95
Brunch Martini
Freshen up with some Pear, Caorunn Gin, Cointreau, Apple juice and fresh Lime for a massive wake-up call! £7.95
Sia Skyeline

A Manhattan inspired number, mixing Talisker Amoroso Finish, Sweet Vermouth, Dry Vermouth, Amaretto and Bitters. Or for a non-peaty alternative, ask for Black Label.


Bubblegum Daiquiri

Our take on a classic using light rum in the Spring and Summer and oak aged rum in the Autumn and Winter, served with a popping candy rim!

Siasonal Daiquiri
A real fruity, tangy treat in tune with the seasons, served frozen. £6.95
Sia's Highland Mojito
The Highland twist on a classic with Atholl Brose (traditional highland liquor) instead of the Brazilian sugar cane spirit Cachaca. Peach Schnapps, fresh limes, crushed ice and mint go together to make this a seriously refreshing drink. £7.95
Sia Royale

Talk about lipsmacking refreshment! Organic Prosecco with Blackwoods Vodka, Limoncello from Southern Italy and organic lemonade presse.


Sia Negroni or Bellini

A classic Italian cocktail combining Islay's Botanist gin, Prosecco, Bitters and Vermouth.


Or try our own version of this famous Venetian cocktail: Peach Schnapps with passion fruit and Prosecco!


Siasonal Cosmo/Margarita (also by the jug - £12.95)

Both versions blend Cointreau, seasonal fruit presse and fresh lime. Blackwoods Vodka gives the Cosmopolitan its bite with a dash of grenadine, while naturally it’s Tequila for those Margarita lovers with a dash of Limoncello for that Italian twist!


Kids' Refresher Cocktail
In memory of Mariana who came up with this great kids' cocktail. You will be sorely missed! Just like the refresher sweet and served with one! Combines San Pellegrino Lemon, orange juice, raspberry puree & grenadine for a real treat! £4.75