A delicious blend of the exotic and the local makes the best cocktail on the island.


Martinis - modern twists on the classic

Pornstar martini - £9.95 OR BY THE JUG - £14.95

A simple passion fruit cocktail that is bursting with zingy flavors and is perfect for celebrating with friends.


Espresso SKYE-tini - £10.95

Skye inspired, it’s the perfect party pep-up! Shaken over ice, mixing Skye Roastery’s local brew with Skye’s own Misty Isle Vodka & Pedro Ximenez


Rassay Mule - £10.95

A take on a traditional Irish Mule using our local Isle of Rassay whisky, mixing rich dark fruity notes with the bubbly personality of a refreshing ginger beer, finished off with our locally produced honey for a sweet finish.


Sia Pink Fizz - £8.95

The epitome of class. Using our local Misty Isle Pink Gin, Italian prosecco and fresh lemon, what can go wrong?


Sweet teeth - Sweetie themed cocktails

Bubblegum Daiquiri - £8.95

Sia’s take on the classic, served frozen with popping candy round the rim!


Drumstick Sour - £9.95 OR BY THE JUG - £14.95

For the inner child in all of us. Irresistibly resembling a childhood classic, a Drumstick Lolly, but beware. Contains more alcohol than you may remember.


Apple Margarita - £9.95 OR BY THE JUG - £14.95

Citrus overload. A classic margarita but with our own Sia twist. Using Scottish tequila, (aged in a scotch barrel for over 7 months in Dufftown, Scotland) mixed with orange, lime and apple, made to send your taste buds into overload.


Highland Mojito - £9.95

Made with Scottish Liqueur Drambuie, originally invented right here in Broadford! A breath of fresh air, it’s mixed together with mint and lemon with plenty of ice.

Siasonal Cosmo/Margarita (also by the jug - £14.95)

Both versions blend Cointreau, seasonal fruit presse and fresh lime. Blackwoods Vodka gives the Cosmopolitan its bite with a dash of grenadine, while naturally it’s Tequila for those Margarita lovers with a dash of Limoncello for that Italian twist!


Kids' Refresher Cocktail
In memory of Mariana who came up with this great kids' cocktail. You will be sorely missed! Just like the refresher sweet and served with one! Combines San Pellegrino Lemon, orange juice, raspberry puree & grenadine for a real treat! £5.45