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    26 March 2020

    Sorry for all the confusion but for the sake of our staff & the business, it’s with a heavy heart we have decided to close temporarily.

    25 March 2020

    The shack is back! We are now doing takeaway & local delivery at Cafe Sia from our Siaway shack as well as our normal takeaway service at Siaway Fish & Chips.

    24 March 2020


    21 March 2020

    Please be assured in the current crisis we are doing our best to maintain the highest standards of hygiene as well as take every extra precaution due to these unprecedented circumstances.

  • Café Sia Featured as Romantic Destination on Isle of Skye
    4 September 2019

  • Siaway Fish & Chips
    3 May 2019

    Siaway Fish & Chips is open for business! Situated with Stunning views over to Applecross and Lochcarron, we take immense pride in our new premises with delicious fish & chips, as well as all the usual takeaway offerings, ethically and sustainably sourced.

  • Siaway - Our new takeaways
    3 February 2019

    Coming soon Siaway Fish & Chips! 2017 saw our first Siaway built on-site at Cafe Sia and soon we'll be opening our new premises nearby in Broadford with all the best a great local chippy has to offer!

  • Siaway - A new takeaway
    3 June 2017

    Pizza homemade from scratch, using premium ingredients and cooked to order in an Italian wood-fired oven, followed by an espresso or latte.

  • Launching a new cafe on Skye
    15 March 2014

    So what's it like setting up a new business, refurbishing a cafe, organising staff, buying equipment and getting everything ready?

  • Travels to get a pizza oven
    15 March 2014

    Two mens' travels, and travails, to get a magnificent Italian pizza oven for the Cafe.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Launching a new cafe on Skye

So what's it like setting up a new business, refurbishing a cafe, organising staff, buying equipment and getting everything ready?

What can I say? It's a bit like throwing a 100 balls in the air at once and hoping they don't all come down together! When I say "hoping", naturally I mean that with careful planning and organisation, there's no chance they'll come down together, and will all fall perfectly into their alloted places at precisely the right time. There's been zero instances of having to be in the resturant to oversee the repainting, in a meeting with my lawyer to sign some contracts, and at the bank dealing with finances at one and the same time. Oh no, that would never happen!

Still, there's never a dull moment in all this mayhem. From negotiating a business lease to designing menus, hiring staff, organising a major refurbishment and planning a financial strategy as well as a social media campaign, there's always something going on, and something which challenges me in a new way. It's been scary, but mostly good, with some real highlights, like the coffee and wine training with the staff, as well as extensive cocktail R&D!