Skye Coffee Roasters sources and selects some of the finest gourmet coffees from around the world. We then hand roast them in small batches to perfection, grinding each cup to order, bringing out the best of each variety. (small and large cafetieres are also available) OR WHY NOT RELAX WITH OUR NEW CBD OIL COFFEE!

All our coffees are made lovingly with double shots.

Please check the blackboard for our current seasonal offerings.

TRY CBD OIL IN ANY OF OUR COFFEES FOR £1.75 EXTRA! CBD coffee brings the benefits of two natural substances together and CBD oil is a legal natural chemical with many therapeutic benefits.

Espresso (1.5oz)
Short, thick and intense £2.75
Macchiato (3oz)
Espresso with equal volume of foamed milk £2.95
Flat white (6oz)
Espresso and lightly textured milk combined for intensity and smoothness £3.25
Cappuccino (7oz)
Espresso with luxuriously foamed milk for perfect balance £3.35
Latte (10oz)
Espresso and creamy textured milk combined for smoothness and sweetness £3.75
Long Black (7/10oz)
Espresso pulled over hot water £3.05
Mocha (10oz)
Espresso and luxury chocolate combined with silky textured milk, indulgently rich £3.95
Hot Chocolate (10oz)
Luxury chocolate with delicately textured milk £3.65