Expand your horizons with our range of delicious and health-giving teas. (We also have Mint, Fruit, Raspberry Ice Tea, Decaf Earl Grey and Decaf Assam!)

Hebridean Coastal Blend
A full bodied blend of Assam, Ceylon and Sumatra £3.00
Blooming Tea/Flowering Tea
Made from premium green tea and flowers, expertly grown by artisans. When fully steeped, this tea blooms into a fascinating combination of the fragrance of flowers with the notes of the green tea. £3.95
Jasmine Pearls Green Tea
Hand rolled into pearl-shapes and scented six times with aromatic jasmine flowers, this is the most memorable jasmine tea you will ever taste. £3.95
Known as the Champagne of teas, this broken leaf version infuses strongly enough to take milk. £3.00
Dragon's Well
One of China's best and most well-known teas, it has the classic Chinese green tea qualities of toasted nuts and steamed bok choy. £3.95
Earl Grey
Made with a base of high grade Chinese black tea and scented with natural Bergamot oil. £3.00