Scottish microbreweries

Simply amongst the best beer that Scotland has to offer!

Red Cuillin 4.2% ABV, Black Cuillin 4.5%, Hebridean Gold 4.3% 500ml (Isle of Skye)
Three beauties from the island's only brewery. The Red, like the hills it's named after, is rounded and pleasing, smooth, malty and slightly nutty, a premium ale. The Black is a stout-like beer, brewed with rolled oats and Scottish honey for plenty of bitter, dark, roasted oat and chocolatey depth. Heb Gold is a lighter, distinctively different ale, brewed with porridge oats for smoothness and a deep and creamy head. £4.95
Old Bridge Ale 4.1% ABV, 500ml (Isle of Skye)
Also from Skye! Crafted from the crystal clear water from the Cuillin Hills that flows under the old Sligachan Bridge, this chestnut coloured ale has a hint of nuttiness and a well rounded taste. £4.95
Arran Blonde 5.0% ABV, 500ml (Arran)
From an island off the Scottish West Coast comes a light golden-coloured beer with a white, quite persistent head. Fine, citrussy flavours with a real creaminess. £4.95
Brewdog Vagabond Pale Ale 4.5% ABV, 330ml (Aberdeenshire)
Citrus and tropical fruit flavours meld with a light caramel base, giving way to a riot of resinous bitterness. Brewed with 100% malted barley and American hops, it's missing just one thing - gluten! £4.50
Skull Splitter Ale 8.5% ABV, 330ml (Orkney)
A strong beer named after Thorfinn Einarsson the 7th Viking Earl of Orkney. A rich fruity wine-like complexity on the palate includes fresh & dried fruits, warm exotic spice & light summer citrus fruits. Sophisticated, satiny smooth with a deceptively light character! £4.75
Innis & Gunn Oak Aged 6.6% ABV, 330ml (Edinburgh)
An innovative product, this Edinburgh ale is aged in brand new malt whisky barrels, made from American oak. The oak influence is more noticeable on the palate, where a luscious vanilla and caramel note permeates the beer. The freshness of the hops cuts through and the acidity is clean in the finish. £4.50